Logic Course Adventure

An active-learning textbook for formal logic classes. 100% auto-graded. A fraction of the cost of competitors.

Sample textbook pages and problems displayed on a phone and tablet.

So you can do the important work: teaching.

Saving students money is more important than ever.

If students can’t afford the cost, we don’t charge.


We have saved students from over-priced textbook companies

Compatible with every major LMS

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100% Auto-graded

No reports

No uploads

No grading

Problem sets are native LMS quizzes, so they automatically populate your grade book. It’s not a one-click solution. It’s a zero-click solution.

Notes and Highlighting!

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Compatible with Web Highlights, a free Chrome extension.

Highlight in multiple colors. Use rgb sliders to pick the colors you want. Favorite the colors you use most.

Color palate of numerous highlight colors.
Take notes.

Notes can be searched, tagged, and bookmarked to organize your studying. Notes are hyperlinked back to the textbook.

Textbook page with several highlights and notes.

Best for big universities, small colleges… and everyone in between

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Saving Students Money

Compared to us, the cost of other textbooks is shocking.








Bergman et al.:

What Students Are Saying

“The online textbook was EXTREMELY helpful. I loved how it kept me engaged and really helped me learn the material.”

“The interactive textbook has to be my favorite part. It was so helpful and engaging, there were times I looked forward to doing the reading.

The textbook is WONDERFUL. My favorite textbook I’ve used in all my time at college.”

The interactive textbook was the making point for me, it helped so much to solve problems while going through the textbook.”

“The online textbook was very easy to understand compared to traditional textbooks.”

“Unlike most textbooks, where key information is lost in long paragraphs, the online textbook concisely presented the course material while also engaging us along the way.”

I normally don’t read textbooks if I can avoid it, but I actually read this one and it was very helpful.”


Written and programmed by Ian Schnee, a professor at the University of Washington.

Schnee co-led the Evidence-Based Teaching program at UW’s Center for Teaching and Learning and won the UW Distinguished Teaching Award. (The LCA is not associated with UW.)

Article from Trends and Issues in Higher Ed: A textbook that can be read on a phone? It's logical!
When technology engages the mind article.

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